S2E6 Taruna Chauhan: give it a go, speaking up, confidence, fire alarm, say what you see

Join me as I speak with Taruna Chauhan.

Show Notes

Taruna Chauhan started her business because she had previously worked in the NHS and knew what worked in terms of meeting CQC compliance. She added coaching and mentoring to her toolbox as her clients also needed this as well as support with compliance.

She likes to think of herself as the accidental coach as she did not realise she was coaching until it was pointed out to her. She is a lifelong learner and an NLP Master Practioner as well as an MBit coach.

You can contact Taruna here:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tarunachauhan/

This ends Season 2. Thank you for listening and for your support!

Season 3 will begin in 2023, most likely in February. Please follow me (Jean) on LinkedIn for more information. Until 2023, enjoy the holiday period! 😊


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